Building a Bar for Your Home

by Jim on February 5, 2017

HOME BAR DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION – Looking at the bar build using a SketchUp model.

If you were interested in the bar project I’d shared a couple years ago. I finally put together a more comprehensive build video. Using a SketchUp model in today’s video clip, I’ll take a close-up look at each bar component – from the inner frame & panels, to the layered top, to the laminated bar rails.

This bar is one of the bigger projects I’ve tackled and I’m pleased with the final design. But sorting out the details was a real challenge. The project inspired me to get into SketchUp and, after working with an expert, I’m going to start posting my own SketchUp videos of upcoming project builds.

I’d love to hear what you think of this build demonstration, so drop a comment below to tell me what you think of the new video format featuring SketchUp demos.

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